He spent over 30 years of his life in US and other western countries to speak on miseries of divided people of Jammu and Kashmir. The authorities in US have now arrested him accusing him for working on behalf of Pakistans spy agency. His work for Kashmir cause was never hidden or covert. It is very strange that US authorities took 30 years to reach a conclusion that he was working for ISI of Pakistan. It speaks volumes about poor performance of US spy agencies as they were unable to nab a person allegedly destabilizing their system. The US action to arrest Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai exposes US and its inefficient administration as well. It tells the world how poor US administration is while watching other people working on its soil. Actually Dr. Fai was made a scapegoat for increasing US India friendship. Dr. Fai was a loud voice of Kashmiris. His tilt towards Pakistan was very obvious and reasonable because Pakistan always supported Kashmiris in their struggle for freedom. Dr. Fai was always for reaching a human based solution of the Kashmir cause. SYED MUZAMMIL HUSSAIN, Islamabad, July 22.