In a clear sign that the United States is not too sure about the continuation of its exploitative relationship with Pakistan, the supplies to its troops in Afghanistan through Pakistan have been reduced from 70 percent to 35 percent. It has also been reported that Pakistan has refused permission to the doomed superpower to open its fourth consulate in Quetta. Despite the bad news about the issuance of 87 visas to CIA agents, the indications are that the curse of its strangulating presence on our soil is slowly but surely being broken. Rather than trying to mend fences with an evil empire, those in charge of our destiny would be well advised to start thinking about mending the damage done by this toxic relationship, and addressing the problems that will arise as we move on from an unhealthy dependence on its addictive injections of loans and grants. As we see the global godfather stumbling to its grave, it is a good time to declare our independence from its criminal clutches. Except for those hypnotised by its past glory, enamoured by its destructive power or lured by its corrupting unethical incentives, the demise of the most inhuman and short-lived empire is written on the wall. The unjust global order built with stolen bricks of gold, protected by missiles and drones, and painted with the sweat and blood of people around the world is crumbling under the weight of its own falsehood. The huge chinks in the armour of its deceptive mantras of free market, democracy and human rights are being exposed every day, and questioned by people and governments not only in lands that have been plundered by the greed of corporations it represents, but also by courageous and conscientious individuals, groups and organisations on its home base, islands of relative prosperity supported by the sea of misery surrounding it. They are puncturing its monopoly on (mis)information with shards of bitter truth. This is no idealistic banter about a distant dream. Look around you, and the signs are too many to ignore. Unless the warring Democrats and Republicans agree on a deal to raise the debt ceiling beyond the $14.7 trillion mark in the next week, the Obama administration will have no option, but to default on the massive loans successive US governments have accumulated by living beyond their means. Though they might find a way out of the deadlock that persists at present, the crisis is unlikely to go away. The $14.7 trillion debt is no joke. As the Democrats argue for raising taxes and the Republicans push for cutting spending on social security and the already inadequate programmes for public welfare, the wars being waged on false pretexts that eat up hundreds of billions of dollars of American taxpayers money are not on the negotiation table; wars that fuel a militarised economy and promote the interests of greedy corporations. While it took some time for people in the so-called developed world (development, after all, is not another name for consumption), to see through the farce of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they were quicker in challenging the dubious involvement of their governments in Libya. The lies that the pimps of corporate interests parading around as democratic governments in these countries spin to cover up their crimes, are getting too thin to camouflage their real intent. An increasing number of journalists, war veterans, workers, civil society groups and organisations are blowing the lid off the stinking coalition of power players, the politicians, media moguls, finance kingpins and corporate heads, to expose the dangerous games their governments play with their own citizens. Conscience and a desire for a just world, after all, is not the exclusive property of people in the developing world who have suffered the most at the hands of a bigoted and inhuman elite that worships money. Surely, these attributes and aspirations are a part of human heritage. Greed, in any case, has serious limitations as a foundation for human society, and no amount of falsehood can perpetuate its rule. The web of hatred and deception that the capitalist elite weaves to divide humanity and provide cover to its loot and plunder, death and destruction, demonisation and 'other-isation', is unsustainable. The recent terrorist attacks in Norway are a case in point. The US was quick in trying to use it as another thread to strengthen the case against the Islamist threat, treating it as another sacrifice at the altar of its war-on-terror god. Too quick, perhaps. In a few hours, it transpired that the person behind the attacks is actually a white Christian fundamentalist. In the coming days, we will see how attempts are made to twist or bury the story. But the consequences of fuelling hatred and divisions will keep knocking at the conscience of better informed citizens around the world. As the EU and IMF bail out Greece from default and worry about others in the same line, as unsatiated oil companies and finance giants in South Sudan fuel unrest across the border to appropriate what little is left on the other side, as CIA expands its operations in Somalia bribing Somalians to work against their country and countrymen, as slavish elites and the funded civil society on the African continent (divided in neat geometrical pieces of a perpetual pie) find it more and more difficult to justify the worst ever plunder by greedy corporations, as tribals in Uttar Pradesh are armed by the Indian government at the behest of mining companies to fight their underprivileged brothers and sisters struggling to hold on to their land that sustains them, as unarmed Kashmiris and Palestinians are killed by Indian and Israeli occupation forces, it all adds to the burden of a world ruled by greed, injustice and might, a burden that will soon become unsustainable. As the present order crumbles, the opportunity to fashion a new world beckons. To save our country from being buried under the debris of this self-destructing disaster, we must say a decisive good bye to the global godfather sitting at the head of this rotten table and breathing fire down our neck. We must start building relationships of mutual respect and benefit with countries that are not card-holding members of this money-worshipping mafia. We are lucky because we won't have to go far and could start with our neighbours China and Iran. The writer is a freelance columnist. Email: