Seeing a man cut in half at a traveling carnival may not shock you but what if you bumped into him walking down the street?

Magician and stand up comedian Andy Gross took his split-man prank out for a stroll recently, scaring the bejeezus out of innocent passersby. In a hilarious video, the joker appears to be cut clean in half and carrying his legs.  One of the women is so terrified when the man approached them in two separate pieces, she sprints at full pelt to a sandpit and falls over face first.

The other woman bolts to her parked car screaming, and then speeds away.

In the creepy footage, the legless torso then walks down the pavement and frighte

Gross doesn’t give away the secret behind the illusion, leaving you guessing.

In fact, he ramped up the scare-factor by growling at the unsuspecting strangers as he walks around holding his sawed off legs. One woman can be heard on the video of the prank saying ‘That is so not cool.’ But the priceless reaction of most of the victims will have you doubling over laughing.