Javed Jabar, in an article, has depicted an overly optimistic picture of Thar regarding the drought policy for the area, made to deal with the famine. He takes the readers on a visit to Thar, for which I admire his eloquence and excellent writing skills, but I was perplexed to read that he gave all the credit to DC Mitthi for preparing the drought policy for Thar. I have been to Thar and have met with different people and visited some parts of Thar in connection with this line of work. I also met three members of the Thar Committee, Ali Akbar Rahmoo (NGO) Mr Suhaial Sangi (senior journalist) and Dr Sono Khan Khangrani (NGO).

I know other members, including Khatao Jani and MPAs and MNAs from Thar and I have found Sardar Shah very active and playing a central role in making the policy initiative successful. Mr Ali Akbar and Sohial Sangi are also busy in preparing their input and sacrificing their time to finalizing the draft of this drought policy. Although DC Mitthi is part of the committee and he might be a competent officer, but giving him all the credit, while ignoring the contribution of rest of the 21 members, including the 7 core committee members, is not fair on the part of the writer.


Johi, July 22.