It is a matter of grave concern that even after sixty seven years we have been unable to strengthen our economy. Our agriculture is producing less than our total requirements; our industry has almost come to a standstill; inflation is on the rise; our expenditures have exceeded our total revenues; foreign borrowing has become a noose around our necks. All foreign and private investments are declining due to law and order. Our imports have exceeded our exports thus the balance of trade and balance of payments has gone down instead of up!

Our economic survival is threatened and we should know that without economic independence there cannot be any political independence. If we want to make our country politically and socially strong, then we must overcome all hurdles. Agriculture and industry should be given priority, because both these sectors are vital for our growth. Unnecessary and non-development expenditures should be avoided and revenues should be generated by adopting fair taxation policy without really hurting the interests of any particular class. We have lost sixty seven years, now we must make up for lost time. Sound economic base alone would lead us towards a happy and prosperous Pakistan.


Karachi, July 21.