Our politicians often visit different countries and many are dual nationals. I thought that man was a social animal, wanting to improve his lot. All our lives we strive to better our conditions. But what is really surprising is that these politicians and bureaucrats, who are rich, mostly educated and holding responsible positions frequently visit developed cities, but they don’t bring back any policies which could improve life in Pakistan. They learn nothing about city management, beautification, promotion of tourism, and the law enforcement system. Ironically, the same politicians do not hesitate to break laws in Pakistan. They know very well they can get away with it and hence they take full advantage of their position.

It is also important to note that most of them have established businesses abroad. They have found safe havens, where they can invest their wealth without any problems such as load shedding and corruption, while they return to enjoy the unlimited power and indulgence this country provides them. If we ever want to get out of this vicious circle of corruption, we need to revamp the mindset of our ruling elite and put in strict laws to curtail these blunderings of our corrupt politicians. It is high time our leaders realize that Pakistan needs them in this hour of crisis. They must bring back business to Pakistan as a gesture of goodwill and trust in their own government, give up their dual nationalities and have a sense of belonging to Pakistan.


Hyderabad, July 21.