The Judicial Commission report clears the PML-N of all election-rigging charges; an outcome that was not un-expected. No doubt Imran Khan and the Insafians will view this as a major setback to his political ambitions, for he has spoken of little else other than rigging, injustice and punctures since the beginning of the Prime Minister’s term in office. Nawaz still sits in office, the dharna card has been over used, and there was no rigging. The PTI has failed on all accounts with regards to its “Go Nawaz Go” strategy. The PML-N, now vindicated, gets to sit pretty on its moral high ground.

This verdict should be accepted and is the closure to a long and arduous journey. The PTI still has much to be proud of. It has risen as a formidable political party representing all classes, breaking the all-encompassing rule of the status-quo politicians. It has managed to mobilise the youth, women and the elderly to leave the comfort of their homes to vote, participate in rallies, sit-ins and dharnas, all for the love of their leader and their belief in change.

It is time to let go of the punctures and accept this decision with finality. Chasing this ghost was never a wise decision. Many a supporter turned their backs on PTI during the dharnas. They were excited by the prospect of change, but slowly became disillusioned when they realised their leader’s antics were no different from their predecessors. Imran Khan should have been running the KP government and focusing on PTI constituencies. His devotees support him because of his honesty, philanthropy and transparency, rather than his politicking and stubbornness. If he went back to his image of the philanthropist hero, and worked for concrete changes like law and order in KP, his political ambitions would automatically fall into place. If anything the 35 punctures saga has punctured the PTI.

The PTI has already made some very appreciable changes in a region suffering from terrorism, corruption, and economic backwardness. Imran’s support for the Kalabagh Dam, for example, is a positive step to address the water, floods and energy crisis that Pakistan faces. If the KP government can become an example of the change that PTI stands for, the PTI has better chances of winning future elections fair and square.