A team of Government officers raided franchises of multi-national fast food chains and well reputed confectionary (bakery) shops in Karachi. It was startling to notice that specially leading confessionary shop’ kitchens were filthy by any standards. They were dirty and foul smelling. The pictures and videos shown on electronic media and subsequently shared in social media have gone viral. One has a clear understanding of the fact that our businessmen dealing in the fast foods and confessionary industry have no interested in health of customers. Such unhygienic practices can lead to waterborne and food-borne illnesses.

Heath is very important but with no governance and checks and balances anyone can do anything they want. It is a well known fact that the people from FDA who come to check would take money and the business would be working again. Some of these franchises and confessionary shops were penalised but this is not sufficient.

Fast food is convenient, cheap, and readymade that’s why millions choose to eat it but at the same time it causes serious health problems. Fast food is prepared and stored unhygienic and is bad for health. Government must devise some strict laws which can ensure that this food, if not very healthy, is at least edible. The local bakeries could have been easily managed if we did not have corrupt officials who sell their souls for a few coins.


Hyderabad, July 15.