Under Chaudhary Nisar’s efforts his constituency, Dhama Syedan Water Supply Scheme was initiated. Although the scheme faced certain problems since its inception, positive changes took place when WASA took over its charge. The WASA officials have been doing their jobs efficiently and devotedly. I saw how they not only responded timely to any complaints reported to them but also keenly fulfilled their duties despite physical illness. However, all their efforts are in vain because as a result of excessive load-shedding in Dahgal- the area where water reservoirs of the water supply scheme exist, electric motors have stopped functioning. Thus, water cannot be supplied. Therefore, despite paying the bills regularly, the people of the area are suffering. Left with no choice, they have to buy water for their household activities. It is humbly requested to Mr. Nisar to take immediate action. Operational change is required on urgent basis not only to ensure the availability of water to masses but also to utilise the billion of rupees the government has invested in this scheme. 


Rawalpindi, June 24.