Balochistan is a province which is bestowed with a host of natural resources. However, subject to separatist insurgency, apathy of kudos government and etc, it is neglected. Balochistan is the largest province geographically, and it covers 47% of the Pakistan’s land. Educational mechanism in Balochistan has collapsed altogether. According to (ICDO) report, literacy percentages are as low as 37% for males and 27% for females. According to (MDTF), rural literacy rate is in Balochistan is 35%. According to the Provincial Education Commission there are a total of just 12,500 primary, secondary, and high schools. The conditions of these institutions are deplorable. I urge to the current Chief Minister of Balochistan, Sardar Rana Sanaullah Zehri, to allocate a great amount for the infrastructure of these ghost schools. 


Balochistan, June 24.