Mango production is abundant in Pakistan especially in Sindh. This fruit of supreme quality is exported all around the world in many varieties like Sindhri, Choosa, Langra, Siroli, Kalmi etc. Some of it is consumed locally. 

Despite being an indigenous product; mangoes are very expensive, even for those who grow them, going up to sky-rocketing rates of Rs. (100 – 150) per Kg. 

Though the highest quality of mangoes are exported, the ones sold locally are still very costly. It is fair that a home grown commodity is unaffordable for local but its available to other people of other countries. It’s an incomprehensible truth. 

People love this fruit; the government should thus set an affordable price to sell them i.e. around Rs. (50-60) per kg so that every mango lover may enjoy its sweetness. 


Mirpurkhas, June 2.