I don’t know why some Pakistanis keep on arguing that this is the Land of Pure and whoever differs with them is a traitor and a foreign agent. They expect silence on undocumented funding of Pakistan’s seminaries. If ever one try to bring their financial resources under spotlight, you are working “against the ideology of Pakistan, Islam and Muslim Ummah” and what not. Now the same people who never accepted that Malala was shot by a Taliban, who always questioned her intellect to influence the world, who while failing on all fronts finally declared her a planted CIA agent (never mind how CIA established and funded their seminaries in 80s and beyond), are once again dancing with joy that Malala is now a millionaire— means she is a foreign funded western agent!

Gates of hatred against Malala have been opened and the (un)social media is buzzing with one mantra —- isn’t what we have been saying for that long? Never mind the company earlier set up to protect the copy ights of her life story — I am Malala, has earned around $3 million (pre-tax profit of $1.5 million), never mind she and her family has donated around $1 million to charities across the globe — hate mongers don’t know what else they can do with this news.

One thing is sure, she didn’t steal this money; at least she is not part of the civilian and military elites who made billions from corruption in Baluchistan.


Saudi Arab, June 30.