This refers to the Editorial, ‘Floods season’, in one of the leading newspapers where it was reported that, at least 21 people had died last week in different rain-related incidents.

It said ‘how else can we see the statement from the Punjab PDMA head’. They said that they were fully prepared for floods in the context of the 21 deaths in rain-related incidents. It is important to mention here that the PDMA Punjab fully initiated a full-fledged awareness campaign informing, the people to adopt all the preventive measures before the rainfall season, to ensure safety and security. Therefore, I believe it is not right to blame these deaths on either the government or any of its department.

Furthermore, following the flood warning the PDMA has already dispatched all the necessary goods to various districts to deal with any untoward event. Disasters like flood may cause havoc any time in the province. As a result PDMA has sent 764 boats, 764 OBMs, 11000 life jackets, 4000 life rings, 13000 dewatering sets, 48000 tents, 49000 plastic mats, 43000 mosquito nets and 30 generator sets to districts where flooding is expected. Moreover, PDMA in collaboration with district administrations has also conducted mock exercises to ensure preparation in the wake of possible floods.

Hence, it is totally wrong to presume that PDMA is just making tall claims and has taken no flood relief measures. Yes, no one was expecting the sudden outbreak of heavy rains and the damage which followed. Therefore in this time of difficulty we should all play a part in helping minimise the damages caused by floods. It would be better if we all work with each other rather than finding a scapegoat for the problems.

The role of media in educating masses is very important. Instead of blaming the government or other departments, it should play the role of educating people in this country on how to remain safe.


Lahore Cantt, July 3.