LOS ANGELES-Hugh Jackman carries out ‘random’ checks on his kids’ phones to ensure they are staying safe.

The ‘Logan’ actor and his wife Deborra-lee Furness take precautions to ensure Oscar, 17, and Ava, 12, are careful about who they interact with on social media and they set out strict rules before they’d allow the youngsters to use sites like Instagram.

Hugh explained: ‘’They are on social media but I tell them they can only follow people they know, and only people we know can follow them.

‘’Fans may look to befriend them because of who I am.

‘’I also tell them I am going to look at their phones. I do it randomly. They are young and they will make mistakes. But I don’t want them to make ones they are going to live with for years.’’

The 48-year-old actor has contracted skin cancer a number of times - most recently having cancerous cells cut from his nose in February - and believes it’s due to a combination of genetic factors and growing up in Australia without taking the necessary precautions against sun damage.

He explained to Closer magazine: ‘’I grew up in Australia not wearing sunscreen, being in the sun, and getting burnt.

‘’I have English parents so it was a bad cocktail. English skin is not meant to be in Australia without sunscreen. It is just something I have to keep an eye on and have check-ups for.’’

After 16 years playing Wolverine, Hugh had his last outing as the X-Men mutant in ‘Logan’ but knows the role will never be behind him for good.

He said: ‘’The fans will remind me every single day of my life. It’s part of who I am and I’m so grateful for it.’’