It should be concerning when people start relying on social media for news of public interest. This is the news which has been blanked out by the regular print and electronic media. The loss of credibility of the old form of media, should be a cause of concern. Social media is much more prone to be misused. It can be used in spreading wrongful information. 

A balance needs to be maintained between advertisement and news for public interest. It should not be mixed. With exception of two newspapers, that covered a deadly incident which took place on April 28, 2017 in a private housing society (Bahria Enclave). Here a lady lost her life and 92 others were injured – some to remain handicapped for the rest of their lives. The District Administration, Law Enforcement and other agencies in Islamabad, disappeared rather than helping out. Even government owned hospitals such as PIMS failed, to perform their obligatory role in treating injuries and providing remedies to the handicapped. An FIR was registered on 12th May, only after the Chief Justice of Pakistan took notice. 

Thus why should, social media be given the space to provide information to the public? They only seem to inform people of “consequences of illegal takeover of thousands of acres of forests, and how this has a disastrous impact on the environment”. It does not focus on the real thing, unlike others. People still seem to remember the incident of January 2012, when three female students were killed and a few others injured, in a stamped organised by the Punjab group of colleges. Conflicting interests in case of electronical media, led to censoring this vital piece of news from people. 

It is the professional and the moral obligation of all types of media to cover the news no matter how bad it is. It is the right of the public to be informed, otherwise regular media will start to lose its credibility. 


Lahore, July 1.