A grim reality is observed in the plight of patients suffering from long-term metabolic disorder, Diabetes mellitus type 2. According to National Diabetes Survey of Pakistan 2016-17, approximately 16.98% of the population suffers from this disorder, with majority cases (30.2%) found in Sindh and observed to be more prevalent in males. With particular focus on rural areas, it is estimated that over 17 million undiagnosed cases may exist before us.

As a concerned citizen, one must address the seriousness of this issue as 35.3 million adults were diagnosed as diabetic in Pakistan, with this number likely to increase. Given the gloomy fact that this debilitating disorder has no recognized cure, reading about the breakthrough of a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company’s Access Program was an optimistic note.

The Access Program initiated by the said company which offers patients affordability with FDA-certified treatments appears to be a promising prospect for Diabetes patients who may feel neglected due to the lack of adequate measures, most notably in Sindh. It is crucial that this treatment program for Diabetes as well as other Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) be made available to masses, and for this, the provincial government must take firm action in order to create awareness and tackle this pressing issue.


Karachi, July 4.