KARACHI-Pepsi Battle of The Bands launched last week with an episode full of entertainment and set up the mood perfectly in the first episode for this Season. The show has now released its second episode which is no less than remarkable by all means and also reveals top 8 bands selected for this year which include, Xarb, Bayaan, Sarmasta, Tamasha, Khamaaj, Kaghaz, 21 The Band and Déjà vu.

The second episode takes us to the journey of auditions of more bands that got the opportunity to try their luck on the show. All participating bands that performed in audition rounds were exceptionally talented and well-groomed which clearly indicates that the show is getting bigger and better this year. Other bands who participated in the show include I.F.R.A, Dhool, Aag, Ehl-e-Rock, Estraplock, Aarish, Easy Games and OB Positive.

The first performance of the episode by Kaghaz, reveals a very interesting story of the lead singer of the band who is a female and who flew to perform on stage on the very next day of her wedding reception. The fresh henna design on her hands and her passionate performance are evident of the fact that the hopes of bands from this show are extremely high and so are the expectations of the audience. The band performed the famous, Tara Jala by Junoon and received praises from all three judges. You’ll also get to witness a heartfelt interaction between Meesha and the vocalist as she went on stage to present a token of appreciation to the performer from her end.

Another noticeable performance in the episode is of Bayaan band that performed their original track titled, ‘Farda’. While Farooq Ahmed and Fawad Khan were in disagreement regarding the song being commercial or not, they both agreed that the vocalist has a clean voice and the song was soulful and soothing. Meesha loved the performance as well and advised the band to not to hold themselves back in future as well as their performance was refreshing and original.

On a lighter note, Fawad also pointed out that the band’s bassist resembles Enrique Iglesias, the famous Spanish singer and actor. Moving ahead, we get to see some remarkable performances by other participating bands in the audition rounds. And while the results are being compiled by judges to announce the top 8, we get to see the famous Kahsmir band, also the winners of previous Season, joining the participants on-screen to boost their confidence and sharing useful tips for improvements in future. “Reaching till here is also a milestone in itself so a huge round of applause for the bands who made it to the auditions.” says Bilal Ali while addressing the crowd.

“It looks very easy to be a judge but is a very tough job to be honest. While participants get tensed about public’s reaction to their performance, we as judges have to go through a lot of pressure as we give our verdict on the performance. The most difficult thing is to make a band go and that’s what really breaks my heart.” said Fawad Khan during auditions of the show. The bands selected in this episode will be seen competing each other on a bigger stage in episode 03 that will be aired next week as the competition will get tougher for all.