Former SHO Faisalabad Police, Farrukh Waheed on Tuesday said he wanted the chief justice to make an inquiry commission as he was willing to reveal details of the heinous crimes he committed on behest of former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah.

Farrukh Waheed, who has had a number of encounters with criminals in his service as a crime fighter police officer , said he had death threats from Rana Sanaullah.

“I left Pakistan for London after I got reports in January 2015 that Rana wants me to get killed and the report was confirmed to me in July 2015 after Naveed Commando laid it bare in a statement before an accountability court Faisalabad,” he said.

He said Rana would use him for accomplishment of his “illegal personal works”.

When asked if the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader had got his opponents killed by him, he said he had appealed to the chief justice to make an inquiry commission in this regard and he would reveal details to the commission.

“If I am taking this step, it is in the best interest of the country, otherwise I am living a halcyon life in London.” He alleged that Rana got Bhola Gujjar killed.

Waheed further said that when he asked Rana if he wanted him to get killed, He leveled allegation of murder of Bhola on him, while Naveed Commando, who was sentenced to death in 2015 had confessed that he had killed Bhola Gujjar.

He claimed to have all the records of his conversations with Rana.

The former SHO also said he was ready to undergo any punishment for the wrongdoings that he committed on the orders of PML-N leader in a bid to protect lives of other innocent people.