Senate Standing Committee on Interior has directed Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take action against those who exploit social media for wrong propaganda, mislead nation and use abusive language against the opponents.

Chairing a meeting, Senator Rehman Malik said that social media has become a necessity of time and gained importance worldwide.

The meeting was also attended by senators including Attique Sheikh, Talha Mahmood and Kulsoom Parveen, and officials of Ministry of Interior and FIA, reported the state-run wire service.

The meeting was briefed on measures against spreading objectionable content on social media .

Malik said, “We are not in favour of restricting any media including social media and will not let anyone do so. Our reservations are on wrong usage of social media .”

“No one should be allowed to insult someone," he said adding that "constitution and law of land allow freedom of expression.”

Rehman Malik asked the nation, particularly the youth to positively use social media .

The committee observed that a character assassination of Senator Talha Mahmood on social media has badly affected his reputation. The campaign against the Senator Talha was totally wrong and those responsible for this negative activity should be taken to task.

The committee acknowledged Senator Talha Mahmood and his social welfare activities. The committee emphasized that negative campaign against any personality or the country should be reported to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The committee also directed that social media needs to be regulated under the law.

Moreover, the committee was informed that political personalities like Shehla Raza and Aisha Gulalai were defamed through fake social media accounts.