WAH CANTT  -  Glowing tributes were paid to young contenders of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) candidate Barrister Daniyal Tanveer and Shiekh Arsalan Hafeez in a reception hosted in their honour by a local social figure Sheikh Mohammad Saeed on Monday.

Despite rain, a large number of workers and supporters attended the reception held at the house of Sheikh Mohammad Saeed where workers gathered to support the candidates. While lauding the support of the masses Barrister Daniyal called upon the Election Commission of Pakistan and the chief justice to take notice of the “unjustified” action against PML-N workers and supporters by the police and other law enforcement agencies and termed it a colonial tactic to stop the party from electioneering.

He vowed that the morale of PML-N workers will not be tainted through registration of cases against them and that they will support Nawaz Sharif till the end.