LAHORE - The speakers at an HNPIP seminar Monday said that international establishment wants disharmony and chaos in Pakistan.

“A powerful premier is need of the hour” they said at the seminar on ‘Post-election 2018 –hung or viable parliament’ at HNPIP Auditorium near. Institute Director Absar Abdul Ali was the moderator.

The speakers said that the CPEC would prove to be a game changer.

Former minister Qayyum Nizami said that the solution of all problems was a national government.

“Only honest politician could make the parliament vibrant. Those who talk against military in fact strengthen enemy of country’s intelligence agency,” he alleged.  Salman Ghani said that CPEC was disturbing the country’s enemy.

He said that instead of targeting the institutions, the people should respect the constitution of Pakistan. He said that on the motivation of Dr Majid Nizami, ex-PM Nawaz Sharif decided atomic explosions.  Dr Lubna Zaheer stressed the need for implementing article 19 that ensures freedom of expression. She said that a hung parliament would be fate of Pakistan. She also quoted foreign media on Pakistani elections that voiced pre-poll rigging could not be ruled out in the upcoming elections.