It was a time, when no one had rights, to demand for their rights from rude political parties. 

Yes there was some instant, we couldn’t get justice instead of console ourselves. 

I have remembered those instant, when I midday went to field for working; I completely complined what would be for such beckwarded areas, where every day was commited with our labours. 

I had no experience that some people are raise with such a tiding for us, like Imran Khan

It was a time when many murders were burried without getting justice. 

Imran Khan really did a splinded work for whole Pakistan, which named Justice. 

Imran Khan tought us how to get justice and how to demand of our rights with an example of corrupt person Mr: Nawaz Sharif. 

No one might raise voice against corrupt people, after Imran Khan every one is shaking one’s hands against corrupt politicians. 

I am thankfull of Allah, because he gave us such a great and also clement leader. 

May Allah make him PM in comming election. 


Wahi Pandhi, July 4.