Indian media has launched a campaign against cricket-turned-politician Imran Khan as he is hoping for landslide victory in much-anticipated General Elections 2018.

Several Indian media outlets are claiming that victory of PM hopeful Imran Khan can create serious problems for India in the region. Going step ahead, they accused Imran Khan of using anti-Indian slogans to garner support for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

They further accused that 65-year-old politician supports banned militant outfits. Worried by his possible victory, Indian channels tagged Khan as ‘Taliban Khan’.

Nawaz Sharif—who is currently serving 10-year jail sentence—is viewed by many in Pakistan as a politician with soft corner for India.

On the other hand, several surveys carried out by national and international organizations show PTI leading the political battle followed by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and Pakistan People's Party.