BAHAWALPUR-National constituency NA-173 Bahawalpur IV consists of 24 union counsels with the total number of 389,937 voters - 216227 men and 173170 women.

Now, Khadeeja Amir Warren of PTI, Rukhsana Jaben of Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan, Shaibzada Shah Zain Abbasi as an Independent, Muhammad Jameel as an independent, Makhdoom Syed Ali Hassan Gillani of PPPP, Malik Yasir as independent and Mian Najeeduddin Awaisi of PML-N are contesting the election for the seat.

A total of 269 polling stations and 836 polling booths have been established in Khanqa Sharif, Sama Satta, Mubarakpur, Jamal Channar, Janowala, Hatheji, Khanpur Nauranga, Ali Kharak, Kotla Mosa Khan, Mandhal, Khairpur Daha and Mudhpirwah.

In this area, Owaisi, Channer, Ghallo, Abbasi, Syed, Malik, Warran, Joya, Sheikh, Daher, Rajpoot and Misson are the influencing communities. However, the religious voters can also perform a vital role in the election. Majority of religious voters belong to Sunni and Shia sects. In this area, politics moves around the personalities due to voters belong to rural area.

Clans are divided and no single family can claim that they will change the result. Example of this thing is that Amir Warran ran the election independently and defeated the candidates of PML-N and PPP. In the by election, his wife won the election even she is household lady in the 2008 elections. No one knew about herself personally, they knew only that she is the wife of Malik Amir Yar Warran.

Aamir Yar won the election of 2002 with the margin of more than 26000 votes by getting 69902 votes on the ticket of Pakistan People's Party. In 2008, he contested the election as independent and joined the Pakistan People's Party. The turnover remained 42.10%.

Sardar Malik Aamir was elected as MNA in the 2008 elections and disqualified on the ground of fake degree of BA. After his disqualification his wife was elected as MNA on his seat. The turnover remained 42.88% in the election of 2008. He defeated Mian Najeeebuddin Owaisi of Pakistan Muslim Leauge (N) who is learned politician of the area and remained councilor, chairman of Union Council, MPA for twice and Tehsil Nazim.

In 2013 general elections, Mian Najeebuddin of PML-N was elected as MNA from the seat by getting 94,429 votes and with the lead of more than 30,000 votes. He defeated Ch Khadeeja Amir Warren who got 64,175votes out of total 1, 76,485 votes.

Makhdoom Syed Ali Hassan Gillani of Pakistan People's Party remained MNA twice. He had also the support Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat which had a lot of influence on the religious voters of area and angry workers of PTI.

Mian Najeebuddin, Syed Ali Hassan Gillani and Khadeeja Amir Warren will be the major contesters in the forthcoming general elections in NA-173.