ISLAMABAD   -  Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif asked the people to hand down a historic verdict on July 25 through power of their vote which would wash away all those acts and decisions which had turned the motherland into a graveyard of justice.

A few hours before the culmination of election campaigns of political parties on Monday, Nawaz Sharif through his audio message from the Adiala Jail, where he was serving 11 years term awarded to him in the Avenfield Properties case by NAB court, asked the voters to give the last blow to the eroding and decaying system full of anomalies.

He enticed the voters to come out for restoration of their respect and sanctity of their votes and change this system of coercion and subjugation through the power of their votes. “Maryam and I am behind the bars for this great cause of getting the respect of voters restored,” he added.

Nawaz Sharif directly addressing his voters said: “I am in jail but can see your zeal and enthusiasm and hearing the slogans of ‘vote ko izzat do’ (give honour to vote),” adding that he wanted to see the years old system of coercion and suppression blown out with the power of vote and asked the people to come out on July 25 to make it a decisive  moment of change.

In a direct conversation style Nawaz Sharif asked the voters to give a historic decision on July 25 against the system of coercion and break the shackles of slavery.

He further said that he along with his daughter Maryam Nawaz were behind the bars only to get the respect of voters restored and asked the voters to come out on July 25 after offering morning prayers(Fajr prayers) and vote for Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz for restoring the respect of their votes.

He termed it a golden opportunity to change the fate and future of the country and stressed the need for availing it by casting their vote for civilian supremacy.

It was the second message of Nawaz Sharif from Adiala Jail as the first message to the people of Pakistan came a day after their landing in the prison and was recorded earlier and it seemed as if this message was also pre-recorded and now released.

Since his disqualification as MNA losing the slot of chief executive Nawaz Sharif had gradually built the narrative of establishing civilian supremacy and had raised the slogan of restoring the sanctity of vote which has now become the focal point of the PML-N election campaign.



Nawaz asks masses to hand down historic verdict