MUZAFFARGARH- The Pakistan People's Party's candidate in NA-183 held a political power show at Mehmood Kot, Muzaffargarh. More than 20,000 people attended the meeting which reflected the deep roots of the party in the masses.

Mr Raza Rabani Khar is contesting his first election but he has experience of his father Noor Rabani Khar and sister Hina Rabani Khar. She addressed a public meeting at Jamko Chowk Qasba Gujarat regarding election campaign for her brother Raza Rabani Khar, candidate in NA-183, Malik Bilal Khar in PP-278, and Main Alamdar Hussain in PP-277. She said that Pakistan People's Party has always given priority to the welfare of the poor, workers and farmers and implemented the slogan of Roti, Kapra aur Makaan. She added that all the other parties promoted feudalism and capitalism. She further added that she had the honour to become first youngest lady as federal minister of Pakistan.

It is all due to respect and honour given by the public of her constituency. She said no party can be successful to make government without PPP. She made realisation that Khar family has been playing its key role in the development of district Muzaffargarh. Muzaffargarh canal was got concreted to avoid water logging, supply of gas and electricity, health and education services were provided on merit to each and every area by the PPP, she said. She promised that her party will give jobs to the youth in the district after success and all resources will be utilized to achieve the goal.

She added that political opponents have come on abusive language and unfair, unethical means while her party always promoted civilized democracy.

Also Raza Rabbani addressed the meeting and saluted the public for participating in thousands and proved that Muzaffargarh is mini Larkana.