The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Saqib Nisar issued a notice to the railway administration on the audit report. He commented that "if the country's institutions aren’t working, it is difficult to comprehend how the country itself is functioning." 

Supreme court of Pakistan was informed that losses of Pakistan Railways count around Rs 40 billion. 

The report in which the sum was stated, was presented by the audit officer who was responsible for inspecting the railway administration.

Furthermore, "the department has been plagued by problems for the last 70 years," the audit officer stated.

Whereas "In the last five years the government failed to take adequate measures to fix the problems" he added. 

Moreover, out of the total 500 railway stations in the country, systems of only 50 are the computerized and irresponsible attitude of officials and delay in executing projects is the origin of these losses. 

As per the report, 70 per cent of railway revenue spent in the payment of pensions. 

The Cheif justice Saqib Nisar further demands to publish the recommendations, until the next hearing.

Although in April 2018, chief justice demanded an audit to discover the root cause of the problem and its consequences.