OKARA-The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf [PTI] has been rapidly gaining popularity among people in the district. It was estimated through a survey which disclosed that there were many causes of this popularity and the singular one might be the truthful determination of PTI Chairman Imran Khan against the constant lies and fallacious statements of PML-N, PPP and other leaders of political parties.

Another equally forceful cause is that the nation now wants 'CHANGE' from the status quo parties in the country, after their longest rule in one or other form. The impression seen among people during the survey poses that the people think that the PML-N and the PPP government performed nothing except bruising, skinning and throwing the nation into the chasm of desperation. They made their own monuments in foreign countries and raised money balances in foreign banks but chained and burdened the nation under enormous loans.

Their greed for grabbing wealth and looting national resources did not end even till the last day of their rule. The common man in the country i.e. the labourers, farmers, daily wage earners, middle-class people etc. have been deprived of basic necessities of life. The price-hike was unbridled by the rulers to keep different classes of society subservient, as if the poor had a chance to eat to their fills, their mind might turn against the rulers. So, the poor and middle classes in the country were kept busy in earning daily wages to fill their stomach. The two bread eaters in society had decreased one bread in one time meal, but even then the people cannot make both ends meet. The people particularly youth of the country had attached themselves with Imran Khan with enormous hopes and aspirations and Imran khan had assured them truthfulness of his word. The PTI has turned to be the sun of dreams of the people. However, the PML-N, PPP, PTI and all other parties have been hectically busy in canvassing the people to vote for them. The public impression expresses that 50 percent voters stand in favour of the PTI, whereas 40 percent still support PML-N. The other parties share seemed just 10 percent. Out of for NA seats in the district, two could be won by the PTI, one by the PML-N, and one seat could be won by Mian Manzoor Ahmed Khan Wattoo as an independent candidate. However, changes might occur according to fresh circumstance in the country and in the constituencies. Let expectation of every one stand till the evening of 25th July, 2018.