KHANEWAL-District Khanewal, consisting of four tehsils Mianchannu, Jahania, Kabirwala and Khanewal itself, has been divided into four National Assembly's NA-150, 151, 152, 153 and Punjab Assembly's PP-203 to PP-210 constituencies.

In 2018 general elections, the number of candidates contesting for NA and PA seats is 29 and 86 respectively. In NA-150, the total number of candidates for NA is 8 while the tough competition is likely between Saeed Ahmad Sargana of PML-N, Raza Hayat Haraj of PTI and ex-speaker of National Assembly Syed Fakhar Iimam (Independent). In 203-PP constituency, a total of 10 candidates are contesting while the main competition is likely between former MPA Akbar Hayat Haraj of PTI and Syed Muhammad Murtza Hussain of PML-N.

In PP-204, there are 15 candidates while Irfan Ahmad of PML-N and Abbas Zafer Haraj of PTI are in real competition. NA-150 includes PP-203 and PP-204.

In NA-151, the total number of candidates is 7 but the main fight is expected between Muhammad Khan Daha of PML-N and Ahmad Yar Haraj of PTI. In 205-PP, total 7 candidates are contesting for the seat but Fazalul Rahman of PML-N and Hamid Yar Haraj of PTI are tough competitors.

On the other hand, in PP-208 former MPA Baber Hussain Abid of PML-N and Muhammad Jamshaid Shoukat of PTI are giving tough time to each other. NA-153 constituency is only one of the four constituencies of Khanewal district where the competition is very tough between PTI and PML-N and independent candidate Sohail Zaman Shah Khaga, son of former MPA Qamaruz Zaman Shah Khagha.

In PP-209, Abdul Razzaq Khan Niazi of PTI, Faisal Khan Niazi of PML-N and Jameel Shah (independent) strong candidates for the seat and very tough competition is expected between the three candidates.