Many modern people say that women and men are equal, but I guess they don’t accept this truth. They do speak of women as an integral part of the world. Unfortunately, they never implement what they say. No doubt, in our society, girls are considered a burden. Women are not as safe as they should be. Of 5.1 million children out of school, 63% are girls. Some families who admit their children in schools and colleges happily force them not to go to college anymore. They are almost beaten when they raise their voice. Their voice is marginalized under the feet of their narrow-minded parents. Seeking knowledge has been one of the foremost lessons of our beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad, who gave this right to male and female both. Besides this, Quadi Azam quoted, “No nation can rise to the height of glory until and unless women are side by side with you”. In the history of Pakistan, several women had contributed socially, politically, and culturally. Thus, women must be allowed to seek knowledge. Because when they are given more opportunities, they will shine like a star.