Kudos to SSP Sukkur Irfan Samo who realized that thana culture needs attention. First time in history, any police officer has established a library in jail. His efforts are appreciable. The library which he established in Abad thana in Sukkur is praiseworthy. The shelf of books in the library is equipped with books of religion, history, and literature. The prisoners who are educated feel delighted to have this facility in prison. The prisoners who are interested in reading the books of religion have been given the Quran and other related religious books.

SSP Irfan Samo deserves heartfelt felicitation for his acts. It is humane and kind act towards the prisoners. They are part of our society even if they have become deviant. I am happy to see the prisoners engaged in reading books and doing a study of historical as well as religious books. In this way, the prisoners will not be the victims of depression and isolation.