LOS ANGELES- Leonardo Dicaprio feels ‘’lucky’’ to have been acting for so long.

The 44-year-old actor has a glittering career behind him and he admits he feels blessed to have had so many good acting roles. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of his new movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, he said: ‘’This is a rare sort of occurrence. Hollywood’s changing in a lot of ways. This is an art film that’s a throwback to different type of filmmaking. And to sit back and look at [my past self] and be able to say that I’m able to still do this and be a part of a film like this, it’s pretty humbling. I feel lucky, is what I feel. I feel lucky to be an actor who’s been able to work this long.’’ DiCaprio previously branded his fame as ‘’fleeting’’. He said: ‘’My attitude is the same as when I started. When I talk to these two guys, it’s like, we know we were given that one shot and we do not want to disrespect that opportunity, which is why we’re just trying the damn best we can to make the best things we can. Because we understand that it is fleeting. Tastes change; culture changes. And I feel very blessed to have gotten that ticket to be able to do movies. So I feel very connected to that fifteen-year-old kid who got his first movie. And that hasn’t changed.’’