Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said Pakistan's "top priority is to build good relationships with our neighbours" apart from putting an end to corruption and building strong institutions.

While addressing a conference at the US Institute of Peace (USIP), he stated: "We must have stability in our region."

In response to a solution for Kashmir, what was important was what Kashmir wanted. "Because of one issue, Kashmir," India and Pakistan were unable to improve their relations. Any time the two countries make any progress, "some incident happens… and we go back to square one".

Imran added that the biggest problem India and Pakistan face was poverty, and suggested that the best way to overcome that problem "is for us to start trading with each other".

Talking about Iran and its tensions with the US, the PM said: "People don't understand the gravity of the situation" of a war with Iran and that such a war would be catastrophic for the world and for Pakistan.

He further said that when US President Donald Trump had sent him an invitation to visit Washington, he said he had become a bit worried at that time and that suggestions were raining down on him.

"When we met President Trump, the straightforward, charming way he treated us was wonderful. We were blown over. We decided together we will now have a good relationship with the US."

"Today, the government and the military are on the same page with regard to the peace process in Afghanistan," he added.