I recently watched an interview on a private news channel, about a man having 33 kids, after marrying three wives despite having a low profile job in Balochistan. He wants to make the record of at least 100 kids. He wished to get married for the fourth time and have more kids. 5 of his children have died at the time of birth. This is grotesque picture of our population explosion.

Taking the example of this case, it is concluded that illiteracy is the major cause of over-population in Pakistan. People, especially poor, are incapable of understanding the detrimental effects that overpopulation causes. Lack of family planning is commonly witnessed among the uninformed and ignorant people residing in rural areas. In Pakistan’s rural areas, there is a trend of large families, and due to the lack of awareness and proper knowledge people go on giving birth to more and more children. We need to address this issue; it’s now or never call for us as a nation. I request the concerned authorities to take the appropriate step to control the population.