Rawalpindi-Police have arrested yet another wanted criminal in connection with double murder case taken place in Judicial Complex in 2018, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

The detained accused was identified as Najib, who was also declared a proclaimed offender by a court of law, he added. Earlier, police held another wanted criminal Arshad Langraw during an action at New Islamabad International Airport for his involvement in double murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and terrorism, he added. He said that police have produced both accused before an anti-terrorism court and sought their physical remand for 5 days to investigate them further. However, the Anti Terrorism Court No 2 Special Judge Salman Baig rejected the plea of police and granted remand only for two days, he said.

On the other hand, Superintendent of Police Potohar Division Syed briefed the City Police Officer (CPO) Faisal Rana that Najib was a hardcore criminal and involved in heinous crimes such as double murder, kidnapping and terrorism. He told the CPO that the accused had enticed his criminal buddies over social media after apprehension of the notorious gangster Wali Jan. He said that Najib was also involved in double murder case with Arshad Langraw and had been hiding since long. He said that Najib was the second-in-command of the gang and after the arrest of his criminal gang leader Wali Jan, he uploaded trouble-mongering content over social media using tricks to tempt other gang members to come out and enticed them to commit vengeful criminal activities.

SP Potohar also briefed the CPO that the arrested culprits were being presented in the anti-terrorism court, and other heinous crime incidents would be traced during the investigation of accused criminals. CPO Faisal Rana said that the arrests of nominated accused of a judicial complex double murder case are a big accomplishment of Rawalpindi Police. The investigations of this case must be pursued on merit so efficiently that it ensures the law-abiding community that there’s only the absolute primacy of the law in Rawalpindi.

“Because we must enforce that declaration with our lawful and swift actions against all criminals,” he said. CPO said that it was impossible for this criminal infamous gang of the inter-provincial level to operate without help of facilitators. The police should also trace and arrest all those facilitators as well, he said, adding that he should be briefed regarding investigation follow-ups of the anti-terrorism case of the double murder on a daily basis. He also directed SSP Investigation Faisal to m-nitor and SP Potohar Syed Ali to be directly supervising the investigation process.