KARACHI    -    United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Director for Sindh and Balochistan, Michael Hryshchyshyn on Tuesday said that the US government was proud to partner with the Government of Sindh in the joint initiative of promoting education for all.

Addressing a closing ceremony of Sindh Capacity Development Project (SCDP) supported by USAID, he said, “We, along with our partners from the School Education and Literacy Department, focus on improving the quality and accessibility of education. Under the umbrella of Sindh Basic Education Program, SCDP has assisted the Government of Sindh to strengthen education reforms to improve education service delivery in Sindh,” according to a statement.

Michael Hryshchyshyn further added that now, it was the joint responsibility of all of us to sustain the reforms initiated under SCDP and to ensure that quality education reaches all children of Sindh.

USAID-SCDP was a four-year project that would complete its project life in August. The project provided critical support to Government of Sindh’s Program Management and Implementation Unit (PMIU) to manage and implement USAID Sindh Basic Education Program, a $165.0 million U.S government supported program, in partnership with the Government of Sindh.

SCDP also provided support to Sindh Education and Literacy Department’s key institutions such as M&E Directorate, Directorate of Non-Formal Education (NFE) and Public Private Partnership Node. Sindh Secretary Education Qazi Shahid Parvez lauded the efforts of SCDP for providing extensive assistance to the education department.

He termed Non Formal Education (NFE) Policy 2017 as a breakthrough event that set the platform for further reforms in NFE. SCDP provided technical assistance to Sindh Education and Literacy Department in the development of the first ever NFE Policy which was approved by Sindh Cabinet under the chair of Chief Minister.

SCDP also provided key support in the development of ‘PPP Guide and Toolkit’, which was now extensively being used by the government officers and development partners to strengthen public private partnerships in education in Sindh. To improve the school monitoring system in the province, SCDP also assisted the Government of Sindh.

The officials of government of Sindh, educationists and civil society representatives were also present.