Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday stated that his first official visit to the United States was aimed at clearing misunderstanding about Pakistan. 

In a conference addressing the members of the US Congress during his visit to the Capitol Hill. The prime minister said that over the years, a lot of misunderstandings have existed about the Pakistan.  

“Pakistan is not understood here, specifically in the last 15 years, when this war on terror was being fought in Afghanistan and the borders of Pakistan,” while addressing the congress members. 

In his address, the PM expressed hope that following his departure from the US, people would have better understanding of the dynamics of Pakistan-US ties.

PM Imran also highlighted the losses faced by Pakistan in fighting the war on terror for the sake of US, saying that the ally lost 70,000 people and billions of rupees.

He said that the previous governments failed to tell the ground realities to the US in this regard.

“There were 40 different militant groups operating within Pakistan.”

Moreover, The prime minister stated that Pakistan fought for its survival while the US expected it to ‘do more’.

PM Imran said that it was very important that he met US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, adding that it was crucial to build mutual trust in order to fully understand things. 

The prime minister left the US to return home upon successful  completion of his three-day official visit.