My vision of a new Pakistan is one the Quaid had visualised for us: a Pakistan where a true Islamic Welfare State exists. My vision of my motherland is to follow the motto of Pakistan: Unity, Faith and Discipline. The Constitution shall ensure that the citizens of Pakistan live their lives and raise their children in dignity, free from fear, hunger, disease, illiteracy, corruption, violence, oppression, injustice and fundamentalism.

My vision of the future of Pakistan is one in which there is a democracy. My vision for Pakistan is to make it strong and a peace-loving country. We need a Pakistan in which economic growth and social justice reinforce each other. The rule of law, justice, equality and property rights for all without regard to an individual’s family background, religious beliefs, official position or economic status should exist. Gender equality, empowerment of women and employment opportunities for the country’s youth should be promoted as an essential means of combating poverty and promoting sustainable development.

The citizens in this vision would have access to a better quality of education and health care facilities. There would be less corruption and political instability in the state; this would increase economic productivity. Pollution would be controlled and law enforcement would have better control over crime rates.

With better education, better job opportunities and suitable access to necessities, crime rates would themselves decline. With a better government which is democratic, there would be a more equal distribution of wealth and incomes; hence the gap between the rich and the poor would reduce. My vision of my motherland is a liberal and progressive Pakistan, not bound by orthodoxy, conservatism, intolerance, extremism and authoritarianism.


Azad Kashmir.