PESHAWAR - The Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) on Thursday approved 19 projects with an estimated cost of Rs.26666.347 million, pertaining to forestry, agriculture, E&SE, multi-sec­toral development, health, relief & re­habilitation, urban development, au­qaf, roads, Board of Revenue, water, and energy & power sectors for the up­lift of the province.

The PDWP meeting was held under the chairmanship of Shakeel Qadir, Additional Chief Secretary P&D De­partment Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The meeting was also attended by mem­bers of PDWP and concerned depart­ments.

The forum considered 30 projects pertaining to different sectors for the uplift of the province.

19 projects were approved, while 3 projects were cleared by PDWP and recommended for consideration of CDWP, while 8 projects were deferred and returned to their respective de­partments for rectification.

Approved projects of forestry sector were MA Integrated Dev; Forestry Sec­tor Project (Federal/Provincial Share) Sub Head; Wildlife Conservation Devel­opment Forestry, and Establishment of Mini Zoo at Kanju Township, Swat

Approved project of Agriculture sec­tor was: Merged Areas contribution to the Prime Minister’s National Agricul­ture Emergency Programme (AIP)

Approved project of Higher Educa­tion sector was: Establishment & Fea­sibility Study of UET Swat.

Approved projects of multi-sectoral development sector were: Clearance of Contractors’ liabilities, Compensation / Arbitration Awards, Court decretal amounts and escalation in FATA; FATA Water Resources Development Project (FWRDP). (GoP Component) (ADB). Sub Head: Construction of Bada Kheli Weir Sub Project.

FATA Water Resources Development Project (FWRDP). (GoP Component)(ADB). Sub Head: Construction of Nee­li Tangi Weir Sub Project Khyber.

FATA Water Resources Develop­ment Project (FWRDP). (GoP Com­ponent) (ADB). Sub Head: Construc­tion of Command Area Development of Khurshid Dam Sub Project District Mo­hmand.

FATA Water Resources Development Project (FWRDP). (GoP Component) (ADB). Sub Head: Construction of Command Area Development of War­sak Left Bank Canal District Mohmand.

Establishment of Project Manage­ment Unit and Three District Manage­ment Units for Projects to be funded from 10% Oil and Gas Royalty.

Approved Projects of Health sec­tor were: Upgradation of RHC Jola­gram-Malakand and RHC Jowar-Bun­er to Cat-D Hospitals in Malakand Division.

Integration of Health Services De­livery with special focus on MNCH, LHW, EPI and Nutrition Programme (3 months extension in Implementation Period).

Establishment of Saidu College of Dentistry in the existing Saidu Medi­cal College (PC-II approved on 08-10-2019).

Approved project of Relief & Reha­bilitation sector was: Block Provision for Schemes to be funded from NDRMF on cost sharing basis (Local Share 30% Foreign Share 70%) (ADB Assisted).

Approved projects of Urban Devel­opment sector were: New General Bus Stand in Peshawar (Funds would be raised by PDA) (SDG). Sub Head: 160486-1- Acquisition/Purchase of Land for shifting of General Bus Stand, GT Road Peshawar. Peshawar Uplift Programme. Sub Head: Construction/extention of Canopy and underpass at Jhangirabad Peshawar.

Approved project of Road sector was: Construction/ Rehabilitation of road, UC Mira Khel, UC Kakki-II, UC Is­mail Khel, UC Qalander, UC Khujare, UC Khujamad Mandan, UC Kala Khel, Dis­trict Bannu

Approved project of Board of Rev­enue sector was: Computerization of Land Record in Remaining Districts of KP.

Approved project of Water sector was: Raghagan Small Dam, Bajaur Agency.