The central leaders of Pakistan People’s Party have said that the 'ruling party had come to power with a hundred day program but after seven hundred days, they have taken many U-turns but nothing else.'

PPP Secretary Information Dr Nafisa Shah and Deputy Secretary Palwasha Khan said this during a press conference in Islamabad on Friday. The central leaders said that the worst kind of political engineering was witnessed in 2018 as pygmies were imposed in Pakistan.

The presidency is issuing illegal ordinances and notifications, she added, while criticising leniency towards non-satte actors as Ehsanullah Ehsan threatened  the PPP leadership.

The PPP leaders said that the wife of Justice Qazi Faez Isa is asked to present herself before FBR officials and on the other, Zulfiqar Bukhari says that he could not file his tax returns.

They further pointed out that Zulfi's action of signing contracts in Dubai must be dealt. 

The government is introducing an ordinance to protect Kulbhushan Jadhav. The PPP leaders said that NAB is busy in political engineering and even the judiciary has mentioned political engineering in its verdict. NAB is arresting opposition politicians whereas the government members are free to roam about. Jahangir Tareen has fled the country and his name was not put on the ECL.

The PTI had claimed a lot but is doing nothing to give any relief to the people. The prices of oil, sugar and flour have been increased and the tariffs of electricity and gas bills are increased. The government has left the agriculture of the country on the mercy of locust.

They said that PPP wants a new law for accountability with consensus in which there is no political victimization and accountability is done across the board. They said that Chairman PPP is trying to hold the APC but unfortunately Shahbaz Sharif's health is deteriorating.

Palwasha Khan said that three main ministries have been handed over to imported people. These imported people are laying off poor people of Pakistan. Zulfi Bukhari is illegally signing contracts in Dubai. Who has authorised him to sign these contracts? The ministry of water has been given to an American citizen. The advisor for finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh is a partner in a company "New Silk" which is an Indian company.

The owner of Abraj Group is Prime Minister Imran Khan's close friend and his financier. Palwasha asked to form a JIT on the issue of Raymond Davis so that the people know that who facilitated his escape. The NAB-Niazi nexus has been exposed. They demanded the release of the people in NAB's custody.