ISLAMABAD             -          Butchers in various slaughter­houses all over the country includ­ing capital city are passing busy time in making sharp tools used for slaughtering sacrificial animals on Eid ul Azha and taking online advance orders amid coronavirus.

Like previous years, business of seasonal butchers, blacksmiths and knife sharpeners has regis­tered upward boom as they are re­ceiving incalculable ‘advance on­line orders’ from citizens ahead of Eid ul Azha.

According to details, the people are looking for trained butchers to slaughter their sacrificial animals online and avoiding to visit their shops amid Covid-19.

A slaughterhouse in F-10 talking to APP said that amid coronavirus, a strict precautionary and hygiene measures have been stepped up for the Eid.

Basit Zain said, this year citizens should encourage the trend of on­line buying, e-selling and slaugh­ter arrangements of the animals as much as possible in their respec­tive cities and towns.

Buyers and butchers must wear surgical or medical mask as per govt orders while slaughtering an­imals at home, a citizen Mohsin Ikram urged.

Another citizen Bilal Malik said, Social media platforms are pro­viding online buying and sacri­ficial services,However,the pan­demic situation coupled with new restrictions have increased their popularity by manifold this year.

“I have booked sacrifice through an online website this year as I am not comfortable with the idea of exposing myself by visiting the cattle market, and slaughtering the cattle outside my house”, said Yousaf Amin.

A trained butcher in Sittara Mar­ket said, to limit the number of cus­tomers in butcheries, orders can be placed via mobile apps and my all workers strictly orders to fol­low government given SOPs while visiting homes on Eid days.

The fee for slaughtering animals remains unchanged, he assured.

A butcher in G-10 Market said due to coronavirus my business was af­fected but at this time of eid we will slaughtered animals during Eid-ul Azha and earned good money.

“Mostly young boys in the city slaughter their animals them­selves, said a citizen Umair Javed, adding, but mostly wealthy peo­ple hire professional butchers to slaughter the animals.

The people in Islamabad hire butchers and pay handsome mon­ey to them each year, said Amjad Suleman.

He also complaint that some butchers are demanded more money for slaughtering this year.

The demand of tools used for slaughtering animals sees also a sharp rise during Eid while many people bring damaged tools for re­pair, said several slaughterers in Abpara Market.