PPP co-Chairman Asif Zardari, addressing a press conference at Zardari House in Nawabshah, has said that the next President of Pakistan will be from the PPP, and will be from Sindh. With this statement, he has once again made it clear that he does not regard the present incumbent as the long-term occupant of the office, but he has also revealed that he is now thinking only in terms of the PPP, not the coalition as a whole. He has already in his mind decided that the office of President will soon be vacated, and will be filled by a nominee of the PPP. If he thinks that the PPP's other coalition partners, in particular the PML-N, will accept being dictated to on a decision of this importance, he should think again. The office of President has not been reserved for the PPP by any multi-party forum, as the offices of the Prime Minister and National Assembly were, and thus the PPP's nomination to the office is not that simple a matter as Mr Zardari seems to think it is. Anyhow, the way that Mr Zardari has begun to mouth the party slogan of roti kapra aur makaan, especially when he wants to say that Mr Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is not acceptable, is almost as if Mr Zardari fears that he is not acceptable to the party, despite being named in Benazir's will, and despite the party accepting him as its co-Chairman along with his son Bilawal. Otherwise, the restoration of the pre-PCO judiciary means just that, and with Mr Justice Chaudhry at its head. It is almost as if Mr Zardari realises that the restoration is wanted by the masses, but he is doing his best, unsuccessfully, to prevent it. Yet he realises that the masses want this restoration as much as they want what the PPP promises, roti kapra aur makaan, because people also want freedom of the judiciary. By avoiding a restoration, Mr Zardari not only risks alienating the ordinary voter, but also risks ruining his reputation as a man of his word.