Democracy is a virtue word. Dictatorship, on the other hand is its antonym, totally repugnant to human sensibility. Respectable image of a country is largely determined on the style of its management. Diversity is the quintessential element, which lends grace and dignity to a nation. To be a totally monolithic entity, is the distinctive feature of a tribal culture, which is of great interest to Anthropologists, who in their earlier phases of objective studies (Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict) first tried to understand relatively less complex cultures, the idea being that to understand the simpler ones was necessary in order to comprehend the dynamics of modern diversified and developed cultures. Just as in a monolithic culture, the objective or what one may call "social purpose" remains the same, in a well-knit and integrated culture, also the overall perspective of national identity is never compromised. Viewed within the context of Pakistani Culture, there ought to be respectable political space available to all sub-cultural entities, like Sindhis, Balochis, Punjabis, Pathans and so forth and that there could be further differentiation's like Potoharis, Saraikis and Hindkos etc. It is like different notes in music which make it sonorous. But the central note remains the keynote of the music. This is how a "Super-ordinate Culture" comes into existence and differences and diversities contribute to the richness of the society. A great society is not acknowledged merely because of its size, the density of its population, but essentially because its sub-cultures do not have a sense of deprivation and alienation. The tyranny of majority makes a society, prone towards what Durkheim, a great sociologist of modern times calls it anomie. When people fail to find a common orientation and sense of togetherness, a society develops pathological symptoms, which ultimately leads to its disintegration. Democracy is a political therapy, which firmly binds a nation. It is a great irony that it was collective sense of nationhood which led to the creation of a State called Pakistan. The State however, could not preserve that psychological "glue" that could lend viability and strength to Pakistani nationhood. Only weapons nuclear or otherwise do not blend a nation into an un-impregnable entity. It is a "will" to live and die together, which makes a nation. Failure to produce a Super- ordinate Culture, inevitably leads to what is identified as Disjunctive Culture, where propensity to separate and opt out of the loosely woven Federation becomes the over-riding passion a vulnerability, which comes in handy to the inimical forces to exploit. In Pakistan, military rulers have generally been planted by USA to serve their interests just as Shah of Iran, was their chosen surrogate in the region. When defiance was perceived on the part of any one, his ultimate fate was death. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, when he tried to unite the Muslim world into a cohesive force or when he decided to make Pakistan a nuclear power, he was murdered through a legal faade called trial. But those who collaborated in the "judicial murder" were never subjected to accountability. The fate of Ziaul Haq even though a military ruler was no different, as he wanted political stability in Afghanistan and legitimate share of the mujahideen in the governance of the country, as they had earned it through a heroic feat by defeating a very formidable power the then Soviet Union. But the US game was different. The mujahideen were to be condemned later as Taliban, "terrorists" or whatever. The occupation of Afghanistan by USA and NATO forces, was deemed necessary to find safe access to Central Asian States and Azerbaijan to be able to control the rich oil reservoirs in the Caspian Sea. The invasion on Iraq was also to gain control over its oil. Saddam Hussein was only a scapegoat, and made-to-order tyrant to invade Iran and even use chemical weapons, supplied to him. There is no accountability for supplying the chemical weapons, which he used against the Kurdish of his country. The War on Terror is only a ruse to justify the cruel military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, Iran being contemplated to be the third serial target. Oil, oil and more oil are the latent strategic objectives of USA, in order to continue its economic preponderance besides the phenomenal military superiority it wields. That it invaded the Muslim countries to liberate them from autocratic rulers, and introduce democratic system of governance is a blatant lie. The war they imposed are essentially economic wars, no different from the opium wars of the 19th century launched against China by Great Britain, the then great colonial power, and the mantle has now been passed on to USA, to adopt "policies" reflective of neo-colonial mind-set. Hegemony, domination, military intimidation and attack to create shock and "awe" effect are to extract total compliance. Democracy is only a glittering generality to hide the imperialistic propensity. Benazir Bhutto, an astute politician and very perceptive of the mood of the people, when she landed in Pakistan, took no time to assess the need to reorient her policies in consonance with the wishes of the people. The popularity graph of General (retd) Musharraf was abysmally low and the people wanted a change to determine Pakistan's policies to support their latent urge to restore democracy a real one not made-to-order type, which USA wishes to adopt. When she had resolved to operationalise what has been denied to the nation, due to constant military interventions. The noble wish, Alas Ended into a dreadful tragedy, as she was eliminated from the scene, a fate her illustrious father Z A Bhutto had met. He gave Pakistan a constitution, which was acceptable to every political party and all the provinces. Besides, he also took determined decisions for ensuring Pakistan's security through nuclear deterrence. The creation of Pakistan was not an ordinary feat. It was a brilliant political battle that delivered us a whole new abode, which seemingly appeared an impossible task to operationalise into a reality. With cool temperament, frail body, but iron determination, our great leader used the weapon of logic, law and rationality. Not a stone was hurdled at any one, nor a bullet fired. He use the power of persuasion to outwit political leaders, like Mahatama Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel, besides the British who had grudge against Muslims for not reconciling to their occupation of India. Muslims were left far behind the Hindus in education as well as employment opportunities in jobs and their economic well being and security were denied to them. It was ironic that even among the Muslims, there was a school of though, obscurantist in orientation, which did not support the cause of Pakistan. Our Quaid's blueprint for Pakistan was to involve every province in the decision-making process, which would ensure unity of the nation. Deviation from this path, he thought would lead to disintegration. He said it quite explicitly: "Pakistan is the embodiment of the unity of the Muslim nation and so it must remain. That unity we, as true Muslims, must jealously guard and preserve. If we begin to think of ourselves as Bengalis, Punjabis, Sindhis, Pathans and Balochis first and Muslims and Pakistanis only incidentally, then Pakistan is bound to disintegrate." Also, we should recall what he said in his broadcast speech to the people of the United States in February 1948: "I do not know what the ultimate shape of the constitution is going to be, but I am sure that it will be of a democratic type embodying the basic principle of Islam. Today they are as applicable in actual life as they were 1300 years ago. It has taught equality of man, justice and fairplay to every body." Bush is no model to emulate and we must not look to the West to build democracy. Bush quite apparently has banished "democracy" for Pakistan. He does not care that over 70 percent of the people do not support his surrogate "president" to continue. He has no respect for the wishes of the people and still he projects himself as peddler of democracy. To support Bushes' policies, which are utterly condemned within his own country and the rest of the world would be perilous for Pakistan. A man was playing a musical instrument. His wife hearing the music said, "You are repeating the same note over and over again. I have heard others, they produce many different notes, why?" asked the wife. The husband replied. "Dear, I have found the right note; others are still struggling to find one." The question is, have we found the right note for our political culture? Yes, it is "democracy" based on our values and national ethos, not a US branded one. If their system produces men like George Bush as president, we should say "Thanks we are much better off, if left alone." E-mail: