A new book called "Crossed Swords" by Shuja Nawaz has revealed that Nawaz Sharif had approved the Kargil operations. The book quotes Lt. General Ziauddin as stating that the former premier was very much in the loop of operations. This is quite revealing about a man who has frequently said now that he wants a probe into the Kargil affair and that an inquiry commission should be set up. The claim made in the book seems credible. Now the ball lies in Sharif's court to clear the facts. I for one cannot fathom how Nawaz Sharif can claim that he did not know of the operations. He made a Bay of Pigs out of the operation by going to Washington, a diplomatic blunder in the situation. He was well aware that the responsibility of the debacle lay entirely with him and it was not fair on his part to blame Musharraf for this. It is about time that Mr. Sharif should come out in the open with facts. -JANDAD KHAN, Lahore Cantt., via e-mail, June 14.