Denis Starr's letter in weekly 'Nation' of US on torture through water boarding is revealing. He wrote, "you asked where is the outrage?' Mine came out when Bush vetoed the ban on water boarding. I wrote to both my Senators and congressman that I was going to water board them figuring that they had more useful info than some poor fool at Gitmo. I told them that the government said it was legal and useful so I would be coming for them soon". Water boarding, a method of torture employed to extract information has outraged Starr. He is an aware American unlike many of his compatriots. He has rebelled against Bush's policy of torturing the innocents at Gitmo. How should those who handed over many innocents to suffer inhuman torture at Gitmo be treated? Abettors are as guilty of the crime against humanity as those actually torturing the innocent at Gitmo. No doubt, they have shrunk into their secured woodwork but will we leave it to the law of nature to get even with them? We call the Gitmo inmates innocent because many of them have been set free for lack of evidence that water boarding failed to extract. Let us give the Americans, save Starr, a new name; the water boarders. -DR. A.P. SANGDIL, Oslo, Norway, via e-mail, June 12.