Construction work is under way between Burban and Taxila on G.T. Road for the last two years. Work had been continuously going on this stretch of road for the last two years. At places, stretches of road have been re-carpeted again and again even though there was need to do so. Perhaps that is how NHA keeps itself busy. As a result of this construction work, most of the public transport uses the Peshawar-Pindi motorway instead of the GT Road. This causes inconvenience to the public living along the GT Road. With the economy at a standstill, we are indulging in the penchant for motorways and flyovers at the cost of feeding the poor in the country. Do we need such an exquisite system of road network? About time we re-evaluated our priorities and diverted our energies to the issues that beset the common man. -MOHAMMAD AFZAL, Attock, via e-mail, June 12.