ISLAMABAD - Siddiqa, a staff nurse working in the Service Care 11-22 which provides First Aid to CDA workers, after fighting for her life for more than 12 hours, breathed her last on Saturday at CDA Hospital known as Capital Hospital. Doctors were of the view that she lost her life due to excessive bleeding. But her husband Allah Dino and colleagues are not ready to accept the doctors' version. Her husband Allah Dino told this scribe that the deceased being a staff nurse was not satisfied with the doctors who were taking care of her as according to her the doctors who were performing her Cesarean operation, were not experienced and their behaviour was irrational. With tears in his eyes, Allah Dino said her wife gave birth to a baby girl on Friday. The infant was shifted to NICU unit, while the mother was shifted to ICU and then to a ward on Saturday. He said after operation, Siddiqa developed complications and went into coma, medically defined as Post Partum Haemorrhage (PPH). He alleged that he told the doctors on duty that his wife was complaining of bleeding and unbearable pain. But the doctors on duty flatly refused even to examine the patient, he alleged. "Both male surgeon and gynecologist were called numerous times but they didn't even bother to answer and left my wife bleeding to death," Allah Dino alleged. Had the doctors responded to his repeated requests to shift her to ICU, Siddiqa's life could have been saved, Allah Dino cried. "My only fault is that I am a poor person and could not afford to get her admitted in private hospital and I too am responsible for my wife's death," he wailed. Soon after her death CDA workers held protest demonstration and went to CDA Chairman Kamaran Lashari's office. The Chairman did the 'same old thing'. He suspended both male and female doctors and ordered Executive Director to investigate the matter. He assured the protestors that stern action would be taken against those who were responsible. When Siddiqa was inching towards death due to excessive bleeding Saturday, hundreds of people were donating blood for a noble cause 'to save the humanity'. And on the very same day, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani was telling the House that Rawalpindi General Hospital, where Benazir spent the last moments of her life, would be renamed as Benazir Bhutto Hospital and announced a special grant of Rs 50 million for the hospital's upgradation. He also told the House that Benazir's priority was health. Though cause of Siddiqa's death was excessive bleeding yet it's not just doctors to blame. "It's our system which is claiming hundreds of thousands lives each passing day," said Inam Ali, a CDA employee. Government has to do more than sticking to lip-service. Suspension means nothing, as it never delivered any good. There is nothing wrong in the system, it's the people who are over-stepping it without any check and balance. People are being pushed against the wall by some handful corrupt elements. Everything has a limit, Allah Dino said and added that think of 'street justice'. Rulers should read what is being written on the wall. The rulers have to do more than suspension otherwise they will find no place to hide when we will hold accountability by ourselves. Siddiqa's colleague on the condition of anonymity told TheNation that Chairman Kamran Lashari has failed to provide relief to CDA workers so far. She alleged that he spent hundreds and thousands of rupees for the renovation of his office. He never visited the CDA Hospital despite numerous complaints, she alleged. People are totally helpless and are left at the mercy of government hospitals' functionaries. They pay heavy amounts to get posted at executive posts and are playing with the lives of people instead of saving them. People are already facing hardships due to loadshedding, food crisis, water crisis and injustice and if the situation remains the same then we would have no option but to take the law into our own hands, a CDA employee said, adding that people are committing suicides due to unemployment and poverty. If one can take his own life then think of the time when people will have no choice but to go to any extent like 'burning of dacoits alive', he said. The VVIPs, ministers or even elected MPs, they act like he or she is the only one who is out there to serve the ailing community. They deliver speeches, name roads, hospitals after their loved ones, allocate funds for the hospitals and promise free of cost treatment to the patients. But they never look back or ensure the implementation of their directives in letter and in spirit. The history of our country proves that whenever such kinds of mishaps occurred, only lower staff were made scapegoat, while the 'big fish' remain safe. System has nothing to do, it's the people who are making a mockery of the system by using their 'discretionary powers'. It's high time to get rid of such elements whose deeds are no more secret.