LAHORE - The Lahore Fort management is recruiting 40 new security guards besides installing security cameras at sensitive points in view of prevailing law and order situation in the country. Archaeology departments Director General Dr Syed Parvaiz Abbas on Tuesday said that department was establishing foolproof security system and taking radical steps for renovating the Lahore Fort and Shalimar Garden keeping in mind the original splendour and beauty of the monuments. 40 new security guards are being hired to protect the visitors while we are interested to install security cameras at sensitive points, he added. He said the turn out to the historical places has been reduced due to hot weather instead of security reasons. The people happily visit these monuments to celebrate their vacations or wait for spring, the blossoming season, when a huge number of families enjoy the splendid historical places, he commented. He said the main problem, which the visitors have to face, was insufficient arrangements of pure drinking water and lack of guidance to visitors. He said that the government would try to complete the project in the future with a mindset to provide all necessary facilities to the visitors. Talking in this context he said as Lahore Fort lacked signs to guide visitors to know which way he/she is going. There are no signs showing the entry and exit points for the visitors. He said more sanitary workers are being hired to maintain good sanitary conditions in and around the fort. DG said the archaeology department was waiting for its budget to be approved and disbursed. We have planned a number of projects to improve the beauty of the great historical monument and Agha Khan Foundation is also providing technical assistance in various renovation-projects, he added. He said that the basic hitch for the fort management was to arrange original materials for restoration the monuments. We are carrying out the innovatory preservation work including to restore the buildings, the gardens to their original appearance and recreate its original and old atmosphere, he added.