LOS ANGELES (AFP) - US actress Cameron Diaz has received the 2,386th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where she attributed her successful career to the eternal love my mom and dad shared. It was what has given me the strength and courage to live this extraordinary life and it is what powers the light that burns inside of me, bright enough for me to be honoured today with this star on the Walk of Fame, Diaz said. Diaz, 36, who earned a whopping 20 million dollars for her role in the film version of Charlies Angels, will return to the silver screen Friday for the premiere of My Sisters Keeper, in which she plays a mother of two girls, including a cancer patient. Her father died of pneumonia at the age of 58 in April as she was nearing the end of filming for the drama by director Nick Cassavetes. The actress, who is especially known for her role in the 1998 feature Theres Something About Mary, attended Mondays ceremony in front of the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, north of Los Angeles, before hundreds of adoring fans. She was also joined by friends and fellow actors Tom Cruise, her co-star in Vanilla Sky, his wife Katie Holmes, and Lucy Liu, who starred with Diaz in Charlies Angels. Born on August 30, 1972 in San Diego, southern California, Diaz began fashion modelling at the age of 16 and made her big break in acting with the 1994 hit The Mask, alongside Jim Carrey. Since then, she has been considered one of Hollywoods top comedians, with an average salary listed at about 10 million dollars per film.