PRESIDENT Zardari's apprehension expressed in an article he wrote for a foreign newspaper that the Taliban pose a serious threat to the entire world and that they could spread their network should be taken seriously. Given the way they have been operating in the past, the possibility expressed by him could turn into a reality if enough measures are not taken in time. After all, Al-Qaeda terrorists, backed by Taliban in Afghanistan did strike at the heart of the US economic and political establishment, the World Trade Centers in 2001. The threat at the moment remains very much potent. Highlighting the need to fight extremism the President was categorical enough in warning that the failure was not an option: not for us, not for the world. Likewise, one cannot help but agree with his contention that it was the West that used Pakistan as a blunt instrument of Cold War and supported a military ruler leaving behind a political vacuum that gave birth to Taliban. All the more reason why the West should be helping Pakistan nip the evil in the bud. As it is Pakistan is fighting an insurgency in Malakand region and the tribal areas. The fallout of this army operation striking back in the form of deadly bomb blasts is exacting a heavy toll on the country. Besides, there is the IDP crisis that has now taken on the character of the worst kind of a humanitarian disaster. Obviously, the outcome of this crucial war against an enemy that is insidious wishing to shape Pakistan's future in its image, would to a very large degree affect the West as well. Therefore, all the nations involved must join the forces engaged in eliminating this common enemy. Above all, the weaponry required to take on militants in a treacherous terrain like that of FATA and Malakand Division would have to be given to Pakistan army so that it is better able to carry out counter insurgency operations. Likewise, the financial package of $1.5 billion a year for five years earmarked by the Obama Administration would prove to be too meagre to keep the economy stable, considering the situation Pakistan has been hurled into. In the meanwhile, there have been reports that some countries like India are funding the Taliban movement. While New Delhi might be attempting to destabilize Pakistan, at the end of the day it is the security of the world that would be put into jeopardy. Keeping in view the stakes involved, the Obama Administration would have to muster up courage to contain Indian ambitions in this regard.